The Result from a Powerflush

The Reported Problem

The customer reported the boiler always overheating, even on a low setting. Has had a number of failing pumps and the radiators bearly heat up, if at all.


The Solution

This has all the hallmarks of a sludgy system. The pump was in a bad way and the water quality resembled that of gravy. The PowerFlusher was connected, chemicals added, the magnetic filter all set up and away we flushed. A long process that gives each individual radiator a thorough cleaning, after which the system is drained and refilled with corrosion inhibitors. The Flusher’s filter was at maximum capacity for this particular flush as you can see in the photo.


The Result

With the flush completed, the old pump was replaced and a magnetic filtration unit fitted. The system now runs smoothly with a happy boiler and with all radiators equally and evenly heating up without issues.

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