Partially Blocked Chimney

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The Reported Problem


Following up on a report that the customer was suffering mild head aches every time the fire was in use.
[In this scenario, anyone suspecting Carbon Monoxide Poisoning should turn off the appliance and contact a Gas Safe Engineer for further investigation or use the Gas Safe Emergency number – 0800 111 999


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The Solution


After thoroughly cleaning the appliance, checking the adequate ventilation requirements and allowing the appliance to warm up. The fire was operated to check the strength of the pull on the chimney using a smoke match to visible show the path of the emissions. In this case, there is clearly an issue as the smoke is not correctly being drawn and safely expelled up the chimney.


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The Result


Confirming there is a problem at hand, the appliance was safely isolated from the gas supply and the customer was advised to have the chimney professionally swept.

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