The Reported Problem

The customer reported a staining on the ceiling downstairs, this transpired to be directly below the bath waste connection. Upon inspection, you can see from the photo that the bath waste connection had been leaking from quite some time and had sealed itself, possibly from limescale and general debris. This seal has now obviously failed and water was leaking down.


The Solution

In this scenario the old bath waste trap is very shallow, enough so to have the bath so low to the floor. This is important in replacing the fitting as to larger trap simply wont fit. The old bath trap was replaced and a newer plastic variety was fitted, along with a new pipe connection to run outside as all the old pipework was in lead.


The Result

It’s difficult to predict when a bath fitting is going to leak, but luckerly this bath panel was removable. Otherwise the job would have been a lot more intrusive and thus expensive. With the new parts fitted, there wont be any further issues with this bath waste.

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