Gas leaks

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The Reported Problem


The customer reported a faint smell of gas coming from the boiler every now and then. To note, the customer had had some refurbishment work done near the boiler which -may- of caused the gas pipe to be knocked, although this generally shouldn’t cause a problem, it shows the gas connection may not of originally been tightly fitted.


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The Solution


When looking at the boiler, the smell of gas was very faint, but detectable. In this case, we use ‘Leak Detection Fluid’ or LDF. This is essentially a PH neutral, watered down cleaning agent that bubbles when spread over a leaking joint – As shown in the photo. The Joint was remade with a sealing compound and the entire gas pipe work was tested for any further gas escapes.


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The Result


The escape of any gas is a major problem. If you smell gas inside your home, you should turn off the gas meter and call a Gas Safe engineer to resolve the matter. Alternately, dial the GAS Safe Emergency line on 0800 111 999 and report it. It will then be their duty to be with you within the hour and make your home safe by isolating the gas supply at the meter.

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