Corrosion and rust

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The Reported Problem


On a routine service on a boiler, it was discovered that there was some rust markings internally. It was found that there was a spillage of emissions internally from a cracked flue component. These emissions are slightly acidic in nature and if discovered to spill, it can cause fatal damage to sensitive components inside the boiler. Such a leak is also classified as ‘Immediately Dangerous’ and the appliance was made safe and isolated from the gas supply until a solution was presented.


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The Solution


Returning with the replacement part, the boiler had to stripped in order to fit it. The picture above shows the extent of the damage caused by a crack in aflue component; the rusting was only surface deep and was cleaned off. Upon reassembly, the appliance was reconnected to the gas supply and tested to see if any further emissions were escaping.


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The Result


This example of repair shows the importance of having your gas appliances regularly serviced. Thankfully, this fault was discovered and repaired without any further damage. If left, the emissions would eventually corroded the internal parts and the case. All of which can be VERY expensive to replace.

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